A PASSION FOR GREEN BUILDING Years of Success, A Lifetime of Impact

Raymond and his team have a passion for thoughtful design and sustainable construction. As full service design–build firm, each step of the process is made simple



SureFoot utilizes the best technology in its most simplistic designs, minimum 15 SEER rating, high performing HVAC systems and energy star appliances are in every home.



With testimonials from all our clients, SureFoot has built a reputation for delivering homes on-time and on-budget.



SureFoot is on top of the latest trends in Green design, always looking for ways to incorporate leading technology into each design.


From start to finish – on time and on budget

SureFoot focuses on balancing a multitude of options that have emerged to define today’s field of Green Home Building. With this mission we focus on sustainability and integrate our designs and construction methods with the needs of our customers.

Step 1: Assessing the Homeowners wants, needs and constraints.
This is the most important step of the process. SureFoot wants to provide the ideal home for our customers without wasting time or money. To maintain this focus, the team will identify all of the parameters of the project at the onset. Once we understand what is possible within the timeframe and budget, we can begin our design.

Step 2: Designing with the Customer in mind.

SureFoot takes all of the information from step 1 to start the design process. We look at each project with respect to environmental stewardship, social and community responsibility, and short and long-term economic concerns. The customer is involved in the process to approve and validate the design.

Step 3: Defining Materials and Finalize Plans

Every structure is a work of art and Raymond pursues each of his unique designs in this way.

Creative and often, unconventional materials are sourced and incorporated into the plan. Taking these plans to the local jurisdiction to gain approvals can be a seamless process with experience at the helm.

Step 4: Building a Sustainable, Green Home

Throughout the building process, the SureFoot team focuses on staying on time and on budget. With attention to detail in the design process, SureFoot is able to limit surprises and provide an efficient building experience to get you in your home, on time.